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Ed MorrisonGood research consistently shows that the most positive correlation in effective psychotherapy is the relationship between client and therapist. Trust, the experience of safety and security, is essential for change. An initial session will let us know if we are a good fit.

You should also expect a high level of understanding and professional competence. I have forty years of experience and good training. I keep learning.

Our work together will help you deal with whatever discomfort made you come in. I listen to you. I am sometimes direct about what I see or experience in you. Sometimes I’m wrong and you need to correct me. That’s how we figure out what’s really going on. Most of us haven’t experienced enough of that sort of understanding and repair. Again: safety, security, and empathy are essential. From that base we can understand and address what needs to change.

With couples, providing a safe place for you to understand and be real with each other is the key.


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